• Services

    What you can expect

    Kirsten will complete a comprehensive initial assessment that will include:

    • Your concerns and goals for your child
    • A description of your child’s typical daily routine
    • An analysis of your child’s sensory regulation, attention, engagement and play skills based on a 10 minute video clip of your child taken as your child is playing with a primary caregiver
    • A PLAY Plan that includes a detailed Sensory Profile of your child, a description of your child’s current level social-emotional skills and suggested occupational therapy and PLAY Project methods, principles and techniques along with specific activities to begin to implement in daily routines to address your concerns
    Investment: $350 which also includes 60 to 90 minute virtual or in-office visit

    Ongoing virtual and/or in office visits during which Kirsten will:

    • Teach you how to implement The PLAY Project methods, principles, and techniques
    • Take video clips and analyze to monitor your child’s progress and changing needs
    • Provide a written PLAY Project Visit Suggestion Report at the end of each visit
    • Celebrate your child’s progress and help address continued concerns
    • Provide live coaching as you engage your child in play and daily routines
    • Provide new strategies, suggested sensory supports, and modifications to routines and home environment based on child and family needs
    • Refer you to resources that will help you to meet your goals for your child
    • Empower you to become your child’s favorite play and communication partner
    • Build your confidence and competence with implementing what Kirsten teaches you so will feel comfortable decreasing the frequency of visits ASAP.
    Investment: $90 for 60 minute virtual or in-office visit

    What is needed to get started:

    1. Schedule a free phone consultation or contact Kirsten via email to see if our services are the best match for your child and family needs

    2. Ask your pediatrician complete a script for occupational therapy and fax to 859-818-0890

    3. Call your insurance company to check your benefits. Kirsten can provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement and/or use for your HSA and FSA. We are in-network with Anthem, but this does not guarantee that Anthem will cover services. Please call your insurance. We do not currently have an office staff to manage insurance billing, which helps to keep our overhead costs low for all families.

    4. Complete intake process via a secure client portal prior to first visit.