• Tele-PLAY

    Tele-PLAY What is it?

    Tele-PLAY is the innovative implementation of The PLAY Project model using a secure videoconferencing platform to provide virtual home visits with children and their families.

    PLAY Project consultants are trained to incorporate the use of video analysis and caregiver coaching into services with families. PPCs are also trained to guide caregivers on how to implement PLAY Project principles, methods, and techniques within naturally occurring, developmentally appropriate activities and social interactions within a child’s natural environment. For these reasons, the implementation of The PLAY Project model is very effective via a videoconferencing service delivery platform.

    What does a typical Tele-PLAY visit look like?

    Your certified PLAY Project consultant will schedule the virtual meeting by sending a link to your email or a text to your phone so you can log on at the appointed time to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

    During a Tele-PLAY visit, the PLAY Project consultant will do the following:

    1. Listen to your concerns and your priorities in regards to your child’s development
    2. Help you to better understand your child’s unique sensory and developmental profile based on video analysis and parent checklists/questionnaires.
    3. Introduce you to the research-based PLAY Project methods, principles, and techniques
    4. Guide you towards which PLAY Project techniques to utilize in everyday routines and interactions based on your child’s interests and unique profile.
    5. Collaborate with you on how to incorporate your child’s own toys, common household objects, other caregivers, and siblings into natural play and daily routines with the focus on achieving the goals that you have for your child’s development
    6. Value your role as your child’s primary caregiver and provide you with the support and information you need to enhance your feeling of confidence as you foster your child’s learning and development using The PLAY Project approach.

    What is needed for Tele-PLAY visits?

    1. A computer, tablet, or smart phone with access to internet or data
    2. Preferably, another adult or older child who can be present to help with moving the device when child moves around room during play OR a plan for placing the device in a location of the room so PLAY consultant can see most of the room as child moves and plays
    3. The ability to record and share short video clips of child taken at home to share with consultant for the purpose of video analysis.